Guitar Lessons

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Tinus has been a full-time guitar teacher with an avid student following comprising all age groups. He has spent 25 years developing his skills on the guitar and 14 of those were teaching and sharing his knowledge.

Adept at many different styles of music, any student studying with him will develop a healthy appreciation of just how the acoustic guitar can straddle many different genres, among them folk, blues, pop, classical, rock, jazz, African, country, bluegrass and Celtic.

The theory of music as applied to the guitar makes up a big part of his teaching methodology. Students can expect to study:

Chords, Scales, Harmony, Improvisation, Arranging, Theory, Composition & Arpeggios.

Scholars/Students/Working people: Tinus teaches anyone between 10 – 100 years. It is very difficult to hold the attention of children before a certain age but exceptions are possible.

Student References:

I have been taking guitar lessons with Tinus for two years now. I started completely fresh having never touched a guitar before. I explained my goal at the start – that I wanted to learn finger pick style as and when time allows since my work schedule, and hence time for practice, is limited. From the start Tinus was able to adapt his approach according to my progress, and my likes and dislikes regarding the type of guitar music. Tinus is a true expert – his style, technique and interpretation of guitar music serves as a great inspiration to wannabe players.’

D Schreuder