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I will be travelling to Germany in September 2019:

15 September 2019                  “Konzert“ on an island in the Rhine in Niederwerth

18 September 2019                 Sporkenburgerhof, Lahnstein

20 September 2019                Mainz

26-28 September 2019          Bremen

Summary of newspaper article:

The versatile Tinus van Dyk, guitarist and teacher of Stellenbosch, is currently touring Germany for a series of concerts. He plays a wide range of works, but it is his own compositions that resonate most with German audiences. The journalist, Winfried Schölz, writes in Rheinzeitung of September 16 “Van Dyk gives his compositions Thief in the Night and Die Wiel Turn a Look at the Afrikaans Soul.”

In addition, Van Dyk uses his guitar to help Cape children from disadvantaged communities with the fundraising project of the Vallendar Lion Club in Niederwerth, a village on an island in the Rhine River. A portion of the proceeds of Euro 180,000 has been earmarked for Hope Cape Town, which aims to help children from disadvantaged communities with school readiness programs. Not only do the children get instruction, but also a daily hot meal. Those who are eventually admitted to schools receive help with school fees, uniforms and other necessities.

During the 36th concert in the beautiful Gothic monastery church of St Georg in Niederwerth, Van Dyk entertained with wide spectrum works of folk music, blues, rock, jazz and Latin American romanticism. He is applauded by German audiences for his jazz medleys in particular, including works by American country guitarist Chet Atkins, and Bob Dylan’s They Are a Changing; as well as the Beatles’ Lord Comes the Sun, Blackbird and Daytripper.


My new album, Life Line, is now
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Previous Shows

Had a lovely show at the beautiful Zarose (visit website).

Thanks to everyone who came.

Will do so again in the future!

Photo credit: John Taljaard

Collaborating with my good friend, Barry Steenkamp, we performed as “Supersnaar” at the Harties Unite Rock Fest, 2018.


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